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Name: Coal
Price: 4.99 EUR


》Access to /workbench
》Ability to bypass the chat cooldown
》Access to /color
》Ability to set 2 homes
》Ability to use colored signs including RGB formats.
》Ability to bypass server player limit when full.
》Access to /kit phantom (2 hours cooldown, see kit using /kitpreview phantom)

    》Chainmail armour
Stone sword (Sharpness 1)
    》Stone pickaxe (Efficiency 1)
    》Stone axe (Efficiency 1)
    》Stone hoe (Efficiency 1)
    Stone shovel (Efficiency 1)
    32x Xp Bottle
    》18x Cobblestone
18x Logs
》12x Bread

Access to /kit vanguard (4 hours cooldown, see kit using /kitpreview vanguard)

    》Chainmail armour (Protection 1, Unbreaking 1)
    》Stone sword (Sharpness 1, Unbreaking 1)
    》Stone pickaxe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1)
    》Stone axe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1)
    》Stone hoe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1)
    》Stone shovel (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1)
    》48x Xp Bottle
    》24x Cobblestone
    》24x Logs
    》16x Bread