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Name: Imposter
Price: 4.99 EUR


》Access to /workbench
》Access to start auctions
》Ability to bypass the chat cooldown
》Access to /color
》Ability to auction 5 items
》Access to /enderchest
》Access to /heal
》Access to /feed
》Access to 2 playervault of 6 rows
》Access to /check
》Access to /checkmark
》Access to /ty
》Access to /kit phantom (25 min cooldown, see kit using /kitpreview Phantom)

   》Full Iron Armour (Protection 2, Unbreaking 1)
   》Iron Sword (Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 1)
   》15x Golden Apples
   》1x Speed 1 Potion 3:00 min

》Access to /kit vanguard (30 min cooldown, see kit using /kitpreview vanguard)

   》Full Iron Armour (Protection 2, Unbreaking 2)
   》Iron Sword (Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 2)
   》20x Golden Apples
   》1x Speed 2 Potion 1:30 min