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Name: Noble
Price: 16.99 EUR


[NOBLE] Prefix
All permissions of Elder

-Ability to auction 5 items
-Access to 8 homes
-Access to /fly
-Access to 1 playervault of 5 rows
-Access to /kit godsword (3d cooldown)
   *Diamond Sword (Sharpness 6, Unbreaking 5, Fire        Aspect 2, Looting 4)
   Access to /kit raid (1d cooldown)
   *4 Stacks of TNT
   Access to /kit Noble (1d cooldown)

*Full Diamond armour (Protection 3, Unbreaking 2)
*Diamond Sword (Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 3)
*Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 3, Fortune 2)
*Diamond Axe (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 3, Fortune 2)
*Diamond Shovel (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 3, Fortune 2)
*3 Enchanted Golden Apples
*10 Golden Apples
Access to /reclaim:
-750,000$ In-Game Money
-x3 Blaze Spawners
-x2 Witch Spawners
-x2 Creeper Spawners